What is the landing page – One of the reason behind a successful conversion

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Are you struggling with conversions from your website or services even after running an ad? Do you know one of the reasons can be not having a Landing Page?

Alright, I think many of you might not know what a Landing Page is? Many of you might know, but, might be puzzled with the question of why is it even necessary to have a separate page if you already have a Home page. Many of you might know the importance of a Landing page, but, don’t know how to optimize it.

So to each one of you out there, don’t worry, all your queries will be cleared in this article, where I will be telling some important aspects about a Landing Page, its importance, and the top 5 tips to optimize it.

What is a Landing Page?

If we go by the definition – A landing page is a standalone web page that serves a single and focused purpose.

What does the above line even mean? Got more confused? Don’t worry let’s understand this in simple words.

In Digital Marketing we make a separate page called a “Landing Page” which we use for marketing or advertising campaigns. It’s where your target audience will land after clicking a link on the email, or ads from Facebook, Google, or any platform where you are running your ad.

Unlike the homepage of your website that might contain many links and goals, the Landing page is designed with a single focus and more specific goals thus reducing distraction. It contains a “Call To Action” button encouraging your audience to take the action that you require such as “Sign up”, “Subscribe”, “Join Us” are just a few examples to meet your defined goal leading to an increase in the conversion rate of your marketing campaign.

Let’s have a look into the types of landing page

Types of Landing Page

Landing Page can vary depending on the need of your business. Here we will discuss the two major ones.

  • Lead Generation Landing Page

    The lead generation landing page is designed to collect lead data such as name, email address, industry, etc. The information that you seek from your leads depends on the goal of your campaign. Many companies offer freebies in exchange for the information.

  • Click-Through Landing Page

    The click-through landing page is designed to pitch your audience for sales or subscriptions through the “Call To Action” button. Once they click the button they are taken to another page that provides all the pricing details and requires payment information to begin the trial.

Apart from the above two the other type of landing page are :

So now with the understanding of What is a Landing Page, our next question is Why do we even need one?

Let’s answer that.

Importance of Landing Page

  • Increase in Conversion

    For the people looking for a specific query, leading them to your homepage will reduce the chances of your audience converting as they might have to make a lot of efforts to search for what they want. Instead, having a landing page can direct them straight to it.

  • Insights of your audience

    If your landing page contains a form, you can use the data generated from a form to know more about your audiences such as their pain points or any specific information that you want, and then can serve them with a better solution. You can do A/B testing of your landing page which means you can test out different landing page elements to see which works most for you.

  • Growing Email List

    A landing page containing a link or a form that asks for user’s information such as name, email id, that can help in growing your email lists. You can then send out offers, newsletters, sales, or promotions to these prospects making your business stay more informative.

Now that we have clarity of what is a landing page and its importance, let’s know some tips to optimize one.

Top 5 tips to optimize a landing page

  1. Make the offer clear

    Be concise, do not write unnecessary content that may take more time to come to the point. Be specific. Show your audience exactly what you have for them. Make sure your landing page delivers enough useful information. Focus on what services you can offer and why they should choose your services.

  2. Keep Call To Action button straight forward

    Your offer should be clear, concise. A call to action button should be simple which in turn encourages your audience to take the required action which can help you to reach your desired goal.

  3. Keep the important parts above the fold

    Keep the important part in the place where your audience can easily scroll through and get more information. It will be easier for your users to get the information they need that will help them decide to take an action.

  4. Add Contact Information

    Giving your contact information such as your email address or phone number helps the users to reach out to you if they need to. They can connect to you with their problems and you can position yourself as being able to solve them.

  5. Show Testimonials

    Testimonials can help your audiences know that other businesses have also used and liked your services/products. It acts as social proof for your offers.



We can now understand how important it is to have a landing page. It is all about making it easy for visitors to do what you want them to.

“The Rules of Web Awareness If the visitor can’t find something easily, it does not exist. If you emphasize too many items, all of them lose importance. Any delay increases frustration.” – Tim Ash

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